Brand Audit

Where are you today


Before we even start you need to know where you stand today. Our services are designed around branding you as an employer of choice and the attraction stage of the recruitment process. For many in the Nursing Home Sector, recruitment feels like trying to fill a bucket full of holes, you hire three people through the front door as two people are leaving through the back door.

We want to help you establish why this is happening, We will build branded anonymous online quizzes for both your existing staff and new starters and create reports from all the answers. This information will be used in as part of the marketing but will also give you incredible insights as to how your staff are thinking

Organic Social

Social media audit and organic posting


It is no longer about you looking for candidates, it is about candidates looking for you. You need to be where they are, and that is on social media. With 2.5 billion monthly Active Users on Facebook and Instagram, you can feel comfortable that your next hire is there. 

We will audit all your social media platforms* so you can be assured they are correctly representing your brand and positioning you in the best place so your next superstar can find you. We will post at least three times a week on
Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Meta Advertising

Extend your reach and find the right people

Once all your social platforms are up and running correctly, with a consistent flow of relevant content, it is now time to jump into paid advertising. This is the only way to get the right people into your network. Within your package we will build, run and manage paid advertising campaigns* on Facebook, tailored to you desired audience. *One managed paid advertising campaign at any given time

Landing Pages

Once they see your ad where do they go

Once a candidate has found you on your social platforms, we need to encourage them to engage with you, and if they are looking for a new position, to apply. We will build branded landing pages, that will sit separate from your Website (no website required) which will give them the necessary information to encourage them to move forward in the process and also a very simple process to do so.

Dedicated Career Portal

A dedicated site where candidates can find you


As part of the standard package you will also receive an on-brand recruitment website (Career Portal) again you do not need a website to avail of this service, however, if you have a website it can be seamlessly integrated into it. 

Your career portal will contain relevant information designed to encourage applicants to apply and a fully functioning job board which you will be able to keep up to date yourself.

CV Gathering

Saving you time by collecting CVs


Passive recruitment will normally result in a large amount of expressions of interest from happily employed people. These candidates will normally not submit their CV with their initial application. As part of your subscription, we will contact these candidates to discuss the offer, increase their level of interest and obtain their CVs.

Email Marketing

The secret is staying in touch


Email marketing is the best way to stay in touch with passive candidates who are not sure if they want to change positions when they first come across your company. In the advanced package we will build and manage automated email campaigns in order to keep in touch with these people.

We will also be managing the sending of up to 3 email blasts per month which can be used for specific recruitment campaigns or company updates that you would like everyone to know about. This service will require you to have a paid subscription with Aweber.

Testimonials and Employee Surveys

Staying in touch with your staff


Staff testimonials are one of the strongest attraction tools you can have in your arsenal, and video testimonials take this to the next level. With our purpose-built Testimonial App, you will be able to send your staff a link where in seconds they can record a video testimonial right on their phone. We can then brand these videos for use on your website, and social media platforms.

Employee surveys let you know what is happening and how people feel abut working with you. We will run 1 staff survey per quarter which will be tailored and built to find the information you want.


Media Pack

Video content that sells your brand

A media pack consist of, 5 Employee Interviews, 3 Resident Interviews, Video Tour of Home, Internal Picture Pack, External Picture Pack, Drone Video of Nursing Home. Manager Interview

Senior Staff Recruitment

Its a different game

Recruiting senior staff is a different game, you will normally be looking for employed people who are presently not looking for a change, using social media we will build marketing campaigns to attract these types of people. We will also build and run LinkedIn paid campaigns along with your Facebook Paid Campaign in order to attract suitable candidates.

Applicant Screening

Time saving like your wouldn't believe

One of the only negatives to a successful marketing campaign is a large volume application, of which a large number may not be suitable due to a lack of English, or not having the necessary requirements.
This could result in you having to contact 100 candidates in order to speak to 10 suitable candidates. As part of our tailored service package we offer a screening service based on your specific requirements.

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Candidate Pipeline Management

Managed Recruitment Projects

Purpose Built Application Tracking System