Recmark has designed our packages to cater to a range of different client needs, from those new to recruitment marketing to more established businesses seeking a comprehensive approach.

Each package is a step up from the previous one, offering more features and services that can meet the evolving demands of businesses as they grow and their recruitment needs become more complex.

Each package is strategically designed to build upon the last, adding more value and services to address the increasingly complex recruitment marketing needs of growing businesses.

Introduction Package (€777)

Who it’s for: Ideal for small businesses or start-ups just beginning to explore the benefits of online recruitment or those with a very specific, immediate hiring need. It’s also suitable for companies on a tight budget wanting to test the waters before committing to a more comprehensive strategy.

Facebook Lead Campaign for One Job Title

A tailor-made advertising campaign is launched on Facebook, targeting individuals who qualify for a specific job role.

Social Media Account Optimization

Client social media accounts are set up or revised to ensure they are recruitment-ready, presenting a professional image to potential candidates.

Facebook Business Manager Setup

This tool is configured for clients, enabling efficient management of ad campaigns and social media pages.

DIY Monthly Social Media Calendar

Clients are provided with a guide to manage their daily social media activity, including content ideas to keep their audience engaged.

Basic Analytics Report

After the campaign, clients receive a report detailing the key performance metrics, allowing them to gauge the success of their recruitment efforts.

Bronze Package (€1111)

Who it’s for: Suitable for businesses that have a small but steady need for new hires and wish to maintain a consistent presence on social media. It’s perfect for those who have had some success with social media recruitment but want to professionalise and streamline their approach without a large investment.

Organic Social Posting

Clients receive a weekly social media post on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to maintain a consistent presence and engage with potential candidates.

Expanded Paid Advertising

The advertising scope is increased to cover up to three job titles, broadening the reach to attract a variety of qualified candidates.

Silver Package (€2222)

Who it’s for: Designed for growing businesses that need to fill up to five different job titles and are ready to invest a bit more in their recruitment process. The automated response funnel is particularly useful for companies looking to enhance their candidate engagement and speed up the hiring process.

Recruitment Streamlining

An automated response funnel is set up, including timely SMS and email communication over two weeks, encouraging applicants to engage further and submit their CVs.

Further Expanded Paid Advertising

Extends the reach of Facebook Lead campaigns to up to five job titles, providing a wider net to capture candidates.

Increased Organic Social Posting

Doubles the organic social media posts to twice a week, increasing engagement opportunities.

Email/SMS Marketing

Regular marketing campaigns via email and SMS keep potential candidates informed and interested in job openings.

Indeed Job Board Management

Clients' job postings on Indeed are optimised for maximum visibility and applicant interaction.

Gold Package (€3333)

Who it’s for: Best for established businesses with a need to frequently fill various positions across different departments or for those looking to boost their employer brand significantly. The unlimited job titles advertising and content creation services are key for those who want to build a strong, engaging online presence.

Unlimited Paid Advertising

Clients can advertise an unlimited number of job titles on Facebook, maximising their exposure to potential candidates.

Social Media Posting Brand Pack

A customised set of branded social media content is created to ensure a uniform and professional online presence.

Further Increased Organic Social Posting

The frequency of organic posts is increased to four times a week, greatly enhancing online visibility and engagement.

Content Creation

Original content is created, including job listings and blog posts, to showcase the client’s employer brand and open roles.

Career Portal Build and Management

A dedicated career portal is developed and managed, centralising job openings and company information for candidates.

Platinum Package (€4444)

Who it’s for: Aimed at larger businesses or those in competitive industries where top talent is crucial to success. It’s also for those who need an intensive recruitment campaign with a high level of candidate screening and brand identity development. This package offers the most hands-off approach for businesses, allowing them to outsource their entire recruitment marketing efforts.

In-depth Screening

Implementation of comprehensive screening processes to filter candidates effectively before the interview stage.

Landing Page Services

Development of targeted landing pages that support recruitment campaigns and improve candidate conversion rates.

Media Suite Service

Creation of a suite of media content, such as professional photos and videos, to build a robust and attractive employer brand.

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